Imagine what life would be like if you could be painfree, strong and confident again

You could kick feeling frumpy, unfit and debilitated to the kerb and start instead being that memory making mama and active woman who dreams big!

If this is you now:

Being physically active or even playing with your little one is impossible as pain is stopping you in your tracks.

Your tummy overhang isn’t shifting and you’re wondering if you’ll be looking 4 months pregnant for the rest of your life.

You are embarrassed about leaking and have put up with wearing pads.

You feel it’s too late to change anything and it’s just a C-Section thing.

You can’t even bear the thought of touching your scar. Ever.

Period pain and bowel issues are impacted your quality of life.

Dealing with a sense of failure and mourning the birth experience you hoped for.

Feeling intimacy is not something you enjoy anymore.

You can fully heal from your C-section.

Here’s how:

I have created a signature and tried-and-tested C-Section Recovery Coaching Programme for mums feeling debilitated after a C-section. For mums who can’t carry out daily activities or do what they love because they are in pain. For mums who can’t shift that C-section apron and feel a lack of confidence because of it.

Over the course of 3 months we will be working together to:

Regain core connection so that lower back and pelvic pain are a thing of the past.

Strengthen your core to heal your diastasis recti and flatten your tummy.

Massage your scar so it stops being painful, itchy or numb.

Get your pelvic floor to switch on when it’s needed – so no more running pees

Learn self care massage techniques that release period pain and bowel issues

Mindset and breathing techniques to make peace with your birth experience and for relaxation.

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Group Coaching - 00332

Group Coaching

12 x 1 hour online Zoom sessions where we bring all 3 pillars of C-section recovery together: movement, massage and mindset.

Movement - 00287


Tailored C-section recovery exercises to work inside out for core reconnection & strengthening, pelvic floor activation, postural alignment & upper body strengthening.

Community - 00460


Dedicated Facebook group for support between sessions, because mumming doesn’t come with a schedule.

Massage - 00434


Scar massage made easy with live tutorials and home care step by step video guides to improve numbness and scar tissue restrictions.  

Scar Sisters Portal -04575

Scar Sisters Portal

Your portal with all the home care resources, including recordings of the coaching sessions, exercise and self massage videos.

Mindset - 0048


C-section birth experience affirmations, breathing and meditation techniques as well as birth trauma and sex coach guest speaker visits.

You deserve to free yourself of everything that is holding you back living your best life post C-section
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If we decide that working together is the best fit, then I will immediately get you on to the waiting list



Once we start, dig into the action steps each session and begin to feel and look amazing inside out!